Lab. Tour of KEK by attendance of International Joint symposium of 3rd Innovative Measurement and Analysis for Structural Materials and TIA-Fraunhofer workshop

October 10, 2017

The conference was held at AIST from Oct.3 to Oct.6, 2017. This conference has been held as an annual meeting of Innovative Measurement and Analysis (TIA) Group in a national project: the Structural Materials for Innovation of the Cross ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program (SIP) of Japan Science and Technology (JST). Researchers including ones from Fraunhofer Institute and University of Bristol, gave presentations and discussed their mutual interests in the field of advanced analytical techniques, non-destructive inspection, CFRP (carbon-reinforced plastic), and ceramic coating.

On Oct.6, lab tours were carried out at AIST, University of Tsukuba, and KEK. In KEK, we showed them Belle Ⅱ, PF and PF-AR. The highlight was a newly-developed X-ray microscope: XAFS-CT (X-ray Absorption Fine Structures Computed Tomography), which had been developed and was installed at PF-AR NW2A beamline on Mar. in 2017. After a lot of Q&A, they heavily discussed recent experimental results and future possible cooperation.


TIA-AIST, NIMS, University of Tsukuba, KEK, and the university of Tokyo—has been joined the national project of Structural Materials for Innovation of SIP (SM4SIP) (2014.10〜2019.3) and make the best use of their unique analytical techniques to structural materials used for aeroplanes.

By making the best use of "quantum beams", IMSS are trying to pioneer a new filed: structural materials used for aeroplanes and infrastructures and X-ray microscopy for revealing materials' heterogeneity, with domestic and international collaboration.


( Reprinted from KEK IMSS Topics