Materials Informatics

Materials Integration (MI) uses all scientific knowledge to help research and development of materials and structures. In MI, the time evolution of materials’ properties is specially focused compared with materials informatics. In order to carry out MI approaches, multi-scale and multi-type-of information on materials is indispensable. Our analytical approaches, using X-ray and synchrotron radiation, are expected to provide that information.



How can we make the best use of image data showing the heterogeneity during reactions ?

April 10, 2018

Macroscopic phenomena, such as fracture, corrosion, and degradation of materials, are associated with various reactions which progress heterogeneously. Thus, material properties are generally determined not by their averaged characteristics but by specific features in heterogeneity (or ‘trigger sites’) of phases, chemical states, etc., where the key reactions that dictate macroscopic properties initiate and propagate.Here, we introduce a new persistent homology approach for identifying trigger sites and apply it to the heterogeneous reduction of iron ore sinters...